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Video from a gig on 4-24-19 with The David Hutchison Quintet at The Rex.

(5-11-17) I was Nathan Hiltz's guest on his Body Electric Podcast.

Audio excerpts from all of my album releases (Thanks Charlie, Joey Goldstein & Friends, Time's Square) can be accessed from iTunes Amazon and several other CD Baby affiliates.

Lo-res audio of all 3 of my album releases plus a few other items can be streamed from
My YouTube channel.

An old Soundclick page I still maintain with various high and low quality clips/demos/etc.

With Diane Nalini - Kiss Me Like That (2009)

Freeflight - The Big Band - First Flight (1996).

Freeflight -The Big Band (1998). 

Short clips from John MacLeod's Rex Hotel Orchestra - Our First Set (2010 Juno Award Winner for Best Traditional Jazz CD).

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