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(5-11-17) I was Nathan Hiltz's guest on his Body Electric Podcast.

(8-10-14) I've just uploaded all the tracks from all 3 of my albums to my pages at CBC Music.

Audio excerpts from all of my album releases can be accessed from my CD Baby page and at iTunes, Amazon and several other CD Baby affiliates.

Three entire tracks of tunes (Time's Square, September '83 and Yo-Da-Lady) from my 1988 cassette-only release (The Joey Goldstein Band - Time's Square JG-001), are currently posted on my new YouTube channel.

Miscellaneous audio clips.

With Diane Nalini - Kiss Me Like That (2009)

Freeflight - The Big Band - First Flight (1996).

Freeflight -The Big Band (1998). 

With Brendan Davis (Tanga is the tune I'm on. - 1992)

Ron Allen (In concert at the Science Centre - 1982)

With vocalist Nadia Petra (circa 2005) - That's me on Wave (and on most of the tunes on that CD) even though she didn't credit me for it.

Short clips from John MacLeod's Rex Hotel Orchestra - Our First Set (2010 Juno Award Winner for Best Traditional Jazz CD).

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